General Information

What is Mutt Strut?

Mutt Strut is a one-of a-kind event for pets of all shapes and sizes that has been called The Greatest Spectacle in Dog Walking! and NUVO readers have voted Mutt Strut the Best Charitable Event in Indianapolis for the last seven years in a row! In 2015, more than 6,000 people and 4,500 dogs from across Indiana attended to support the Humane Society of Indianapolis, walk the Mutt Strut course, and enjoy a fun day outdoors with family and furry friends.

When is Mutt Strut 2016?

Mutt Strut 2016 will be held on Sunday, May 15. We are still working on a definite timeline for the event, and will announce those changes as soon as they are confirmed.

Where is Mutt Strut being held this year?

Mutt Strut 2016 is in an all-new location at Indy’s historic Garfield Park! This means more green space for our furry friends to enjoy, scenic views, and play spaces for kids and families, all in one of Central Indiana’s most storied public spaces.

Why is Mutt Strut moving?

As part of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Project 100, more than $90 million in upgrades are taking place at the home of the Indy 500, and we simply wanted to give the Speedway the space they needed to complete their renovations. Construction projects at the IMS have had a significant impact on Mutt Strut in the past, as well, and we don’t want factors out of our control to take away from your enjoyment of the event!

Our new friends at Garfield Park and in the Garfield Park neighborhood are excited beyond measure to have Mutt Strut in their neighborhood, and we’ll be working hard to make sure that Mutt Strut is every bit as enjoyable and exciting as before!

Is this a permanent change?

Right now we’re just focusing on planning for 2016 and bringing you the best Mutt Strut yet!

What else is new for 2016?

We have lots of great ideas we’re working on for Mutt Strut 2016, including live music, new pet demonstrations and competitions, an expanded vendor and sponsor area, and a beer garden! We’ll be announcing new activities and attractions as they’re confirmed, so stay tuned!


When does registration open?

Early registration will begin in mid-January 2016. Please stay tuned for more information, or sign up for our email newsletters to be among the first to know about registration dates!

Do I have to register everyone walking, including my children and pet(s)?

Mutt Strut registrations are for people, and each person can bring as many pets as they are comfortable bringing with them! 100% of all registration fees support the mission and programs of IndyHumane. Registration fees for participants 7 and older begin at just $15. Participants younger than 7 are free!

Is my registration fee tax deductible?

Mutt Strut registration qualifies as a charitable contribution and is deductible as allowed by law. Please save your canceled check, registration confirmation, or credit card statement for your records. All donations to individual walkers are also considered charitable contributions and are deductible as allowed by law.

Packs (Teams)

What does it mean to be a member of a Pack?

Packs are self-identifying groups of participants whose registration fees and fundraising all count toward a collective goal of support for IndyHumane! Packs are invited to participate in exclusive fundraising challenges for prizes and unique experiences, have access to special incentives and discounts, and are the first to hear about new Mutt Strut features.

Who can start a Pack?

Anyone can start a pack, and there are three general kinds of Packs: Corporate Packs, Community Packs, and Family & Friends Packs.

Corporate Packs are teams affiliated with and managed by an individual within a corporation. Typically, Packs are comprised of staff or clients of the corporation. Packs are challenged to raise at least $500, but team captains can set any fundraising goal they would like! If your company or organization is interested in creating a team, you will be able to register your Pack on the Mutt Strut website beginning in January 2016!

If you are not representing a company or group, but still want to have the team benefits, you can form a Family & Friends Pack.

Who leads a Pack?

Packs are led by up to three co-captains who can administer fundraising goals, messages to team members, and communicate with IndyHumane events staff on behalf of the team. Each team must have at least one captain, and co-captains can be added or removed at any time. Team captains will receive special messages from IndyHumane regarding fundraising challenges

How do I start a Pack?

When registration opens, click “Form a Team” and you’ll be led through the registration process to create a Pack.


Can I raise more than the registration fee?

YES, absolutely! Mutt Strut is our biggest fundraiser of the year to benefit the animals at IndyHumane, so we encourage all participants to raise as much as possible. Individuals will be able to donate directly through your Mutt Strut personal webpage. You can also collect donations by check or cash and use the offline donation form to track them. All checks should be made payable to the “Humane Society of Indianapolis,” and we ask that you include the donor’s full name and address along with the gift amount on the donation form.

What is the “Top Dog” prize, and how do I win it?

The individual who raises the most money for Mutt Strut 2016 will have his/her pet featured as the “ambassa-dog” of Mutt Strut 2017, which means your pet will be featured on next year’s website, posters, and marketing materials for the event!

Are there other prizes for the donations I raise?

In addition to the “Top Dog” award, the top fundraising Pack will win a special prize, to be announced soon. Individual fundraisers will receive limited edition Mutt Strut items for fundraising at certain levels. In past years, prizes have included items such as commemorative leashes, apparel, blankets, and kennel sponsorships.

Pets at the Event

Are pets other than dogs permitted to participate in the event?

YES! However, we ask that they be contained for their own safety. For example, it may be best for cats to be contained inside a covered stroller. Hoofed animals wearing rubber-soled shoes for the entire day will be permitted to participate at the event.

Do I have to bring a pet in order to walk?

No, anyone is welcome to walk — with or without a pet!

Can I bring more than one pet to the event?

Participants can bring as many pets as they are comfortable walking; however, all pets must be kept on a maximum 6-foot, non-retractable leash. Please be advised that walking more than one dog at a time requires the skill to keep them from becoming tangled. If you wish to bring more than one dog to the event, we encourage you to recruit friends and family to register and join you.

Do the pets that attend Mutt Strut have to show proof of vaccinations?

NO. Although proof of vaccinations is not required, we encourage pet owners to stay current with their pet’s vaccinations. Learn more about low-cost vaccination services provided by IndyHumane by clicking here.

What is the leash requirement for the event?

All dogs must be kept on a maximum 6-foot, non-retractable leash during the event. We ask that owners keep their dogs close by since there are thousands of people and pets at this event. This will help ensure the safety of your pet, or pets in your vicinity, if they don’t behave well with others.

Can a disabled pet participate?

YES. All pets are encouraged to participate. Wagons and strollers are also permitted on the walk route, and there will be “Paw Check” vet stations along the path for pets who become tired or ill during the walk.

Day of the Event

How do I get to Garfield Park?

Garfield Park is located at 2345 Pagoda Drive on the south side of Indianapolis. Driving directions are available here.

What about parking?

A parking plan is still being ironed out with Garfield Park, the Garfield Park Neighborhood Association, and the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety. We’ll have more information on specific locations for parking very soon!

What if it rains?

Mutt Strut is held rain or shine! Please dress yourself and your pet accordingly. Ponchos will be offered for sale at the event at IndyHumane’s on-site Re-Tail Store while supplies last. Please remember that registration fees are non-refundable, and refunds WILL NOT be given in the event of rain.

Will there be food for purchase? Can I bring my own food to the event?

Food for human participants will be available for purchase from food trucks and other vendors. Complimentary water will be available for both humans and pets. You may also bring food and beverages (excluding alcohol) for your family and pets.


Can I volunteer for the event?

YES! We need approximately 200 volunteers to make Mutt Strut a success. Volunteers help with everything from set-up to registration. Check back in 2016 to sign up!

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

Just like our shelter volunteer program, we ask that all Mutt Strut volunteers be at least 16 years of age to participate on their own, or at least 8 years of age to participate with a parent/guardian. IndyHumane will offer two orientation classes for Mutt Strut 2016 volunteers, and attendance at one of these courses is mandatory for all volunteers.

Can I bring my pets or children with me if I volunteer?

Volunteers are welcome to bring their children if they are 1) at least (8) years of age and 2) registered to serve as a volunteer along with the parent. If you have specific questions, please contact


I’m a member of the media. How can I cover the event or get photos, interviews, or logos?

Visit the Media section of the website soon for a press kit, photos, logos, and more.

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